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The sit and go tournaments

poker babe Maria Ho Sit and go tourneys have become wildly popular because of online poker sites. You canít find non-stop sit'n go tourneys in casinos but online is a different story. You will find a wide variety of sit'n go games at any hour of the day or night.

A lot of players are realizing that sit'n go games offer an opportunity to invest a fixed amount of money in each game.

Unlike cash games where you can lose your entire bankroll in one hand, the most you can lose in a sit'n go game is your initial buy-in.

If you follow a solid strategy, it is fairly easy to make the final three, where 9 or 10 player sit-n-go tourneys pay out.

If you are doing fairly well, never losing too much, but not winning too much either, start reading sit'n go strategies and learn that you have to approach sit and go games a little differently from cash games or large field tournaments.

Once you return to the tables with your slightly modified poker strategy, you will start winning consistently.

Winning sit'n go strategy

So hereís what to do. Play single table sit-n-go tourneys until you finish in the money over 70% of the games you enter. This is an important step and it requires a little patience. If you play every day and put in your hours you can become proficient fairly quickly.

The next step is to become proficient playing multiple tables. Your knowledge of solid sit-n-go strategies and your wealth of experience in the games make decision making pretty much second nature. You donít have to think very long about what to do. This enables you to skillfully play all the tables you are at.

Some people are comfortable playing a lot of sit-n-go tables at once, it is a personal choice. If you find that you canít keep up with the action at more than x tables, then play the number you feel comfortable with. Also it is a good idea to keep each table at the same buy-in amount.

Pokerstars makes it easy to keep an eye on all tables at once because their poker tables are resizable. Just drag the corner with your mouse to make it larger or smaller.

Players who master multi-table sit-n-go tournaments can earn a decent living, even at the lower limits.

It takes some time. Once you have thoroughly studied the sit-n-go strategies, you need to spend a couple months refining your game and getting tourney experience. After you are winning consistently go to 2 tourneys at once and then eventually graduate to 3 or higher.

The only drawback is when you make the final 3 in all the rooms youíre playing. The fast, aggressive action at the final stages of sit-n-go tourneys can take quite a lot of effort to follow. Of course, making the final 3 in all 3 games is a nice problem to have!

You may also do a Google search and join poker discussion boards. Just type in a search for ďpoker forumĒ and youíll get plenty of results. Read the forums, particularly focusing in on the sit-n-go forums. You may find gems of information hiding in there. There may be a few revelations that dramatically propel your game forward. Keep an open mind and try different strategies until you develop your best possible game.

Another source of information are the great poker blogs. They love poker and love to write about poker. They are more than willing to share information about this game even if sometimes they swear at it for the bad beats (but remember, nobody gives a damn). Donít forget to read poker magazines. You can usually pick them up free at casino poker rooms. There is some great information hidden in those pages too.

Sit-n-Go poker can be a source of income rather than a hobby, or it can be a way to make secondary income. Itís really the best of both worlds. If business is slow you can hit the poker tables even more, and learn various poker variations.

You can also play in cash games and large field tournaments at live casinos to extend your poker experience. You will enjoy the interaction with other people but hereís the cold hard facts. Casino poker rooms offer cash games and large field tournaments, but very few sit-n-go games. Of course, you canít play muliple tables so youíre stuck at one table, and it can be difficult to move to another table if youíre not doing well at the table youíre seated at. Online poker can be more profitable since you can learn how to play multi-table sit-n-go games.

Sure, you have to invest a little money to gain a little experience and for training materials. Letís take a look at this for a moment. You buy a few books, buy an online course or two for perhaps two or three hundred dollars. Then you buy in at Pokerstars for $600 (or less) and they double your money with their 100% deposit bonus (for new players).

When you start playing online they offer sit-n-go poker tourneys starting at $1 buy-in. You can gain a hell of a lot of game experience with $1200 (remember, it only cost you $600). Where can you learn how to earn a living for under a thousand dollars?

Ok, you also have to invest a little time to develop your skills and poker decision making abilities. We sit in our air conditioned homes, listening to music, eating pork and beans while we play poker. The game is kind of fun, even while weíre learning. There are people working at Taco Bell, slaving away for minimum wage and we should be greatful to have discovered poker, where you can make money in the comfort of your home.

Is it in your nature to take risks and do what others believe is impossible? Somebody once said fortune favors the bold. Be bold enough to believe you can master sit-n-go poker and that you can earn a living doing it - or simply earn a nice secondary income.

One online poker room offering active games in all types of sit'n go tournaments is PokerStars. They have more games and poker variants than at any other online poker room.

When you register, you should use the marketing code PSP8181 to get a 100% up to $600 sign-up bonus. You will be automatically enrolled in their Club VIP offering more perks, cash back bonuses and gifts.


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Don't forget to use PokerStars Bonus Code PSP8181 when you register for the first time at number one online poker room pokerstars.

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